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All Academic Coaching sessions have been temporarily suspended until Covid-19 restrictions allow us back in the classroom.

Academic Coaching: Headliner
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There are times when a student needs extra help in the classroom during the day but there are simply not enough teachers to go around.

The On Track Education Academic Coaching program helps overcome that shortage.  Working directly with teachers to identify students who need extra help, our teachers work side by side in the classroom providing additional support to bring the struggling student up to speed.

All Academic Coaching sessions are currently on hold...
Academic Coaching: What We Do

Working with On Track Education this past school year has optimized my students' learning in language and math.  The one-on-one relationship and small groups reinforced the lessons being taught in the whole group!  On Track Education is meeting the needs of students and aiding teachers with instruction.

Karen Wallace, 1st Grade Teacher,
Ewrin Montessorri Elementary School, Greensboro, North Carolina

Academic Coaching: Text
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